Simple analog Low Pass Filter


This is based on the first ever analog synthesiser circuit i ever built! but i’ve had a good go at simplifying!

Also below are links to where you can get the components (uk based, but they wont be hard to find wherever you are!)

ms20 filter stripboard layout

The stripboard layout!

The layout and bill of material!

The Bill of materials!

1x TL074 quad opamp (link)
1xLM13700 dual transconductance opamp (link)

3x jack sockets (link)

2x 100k potentiometers (link)

1x 4k7 potentiometer (link)

stripboard (link)

wire this is what i use but in a small assorted pack (link)

2x LED’s (link)

Capacitors there is currently a bit of a shortage of ceramic caps. but the ones not linked just search em up on ebay! shouldn’t cost much at all

2x 1nf capacitor (link)

1x 4.7nf capacitor (link)

2x 100nf capacitor (link)

1x 470nf capacitor (link)

the resistors in the links are in packs of 100, but i mean…. its still pretty cheap you might need em for other projects!!

4x 220r resistor (link)

2x 1k8 resistor (link)

1x 4k7 resistor (link)

7x 10k resistor (link)

2x 100k resistor (link)

1x 470k resistor (link)

2x BC558 Transistor (link) (can be bc559 too up to you)