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Taking A Home made modular synths on the road is a pretty sketchy thing to do. Mixing that in with the challenge of playing a set of half structured pre written songs, and half just an insane jam out.... Its been a long time coming. The first show was at XOYO London in december 2016 with Barns Courtney. From then there has been a number of guerrilla london shows and exhibitions, the "get a big PA and play on the floor" kind of vibes..One in february at ugly duck, it proved a problem cus it got rowdy and someone knocked the synth over. after getting it back up and a tune up it was all set to go again. Since then I have toured europe experiencing some of the best shows ive played. below are some videos of the gigs form europe. When i got my mate johnny youthhymns to come along and do some filming.

The video above was in a rented out shopfront on May Day 2017. It was crazy, absolutely packed, i had no room to move. They were not expecting me to bring so much stuff. on the 4th song someone spilt beer down the synth and it turned off. But luckily at about the same time the store owner came in and pulled the plug anyways! Later that night i had to take apart the whole synth, and put all the effected electric bits in the shower, to get off all the sticky sugary dried beer off, and work out what was bust. luckily I solved the problem in time for the show the day after. PHEW. 

In September 2016 me and simeon rodgers on drums sorted out a set together, we called it london brick. after the brick that all of the houses are made of in england. just thought its funny, you see london brick stamped on all of the bricks. and when i was younger i lived in a house that backed onto the brick pits it was made, which was shut down, so my early life was basically just riding around there, exploring all of the buildings (found a dead tramp once). taking inventions there to try, be it rocket powered or flying or something. But yeah got a bit blabby there,,, hopefully one day we will re visit this cus it was a neat idea, sim had a click from the modular in his ears to play to, so the tempo was decided by the synth. Hes an MD check out his site BOOM.


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