moog diy.jpg

Very cut down envelope generator, down to the bare bones. but still extremely useful! ADSR’s are overrated! the best method for envelope generation is the simplest, and i think the one with the ability to change the release to a decay (bottom image) is all you really need to get going.

heres the simple version. by the way, if you find it doesnt trigger much! the 100k going from the gate in jack to the 1n4148, change that to a 10k and itll work! i found that out whilst shooting the video and trying to clock it with the drumbrute impact.


a shopping list will be on its way very soon! (next couple of days) however if you cant wait do check my other projects as the parts are very very similar.

there is actually a builders livestream on this on my patreon over at where i built this from start to finish, its still up on there!

I will be adding a looping function, which is actually bloody complicated and risks making this a much more complicated task. HOWEVER! the other day walking around i came up with a solution of being able to make it loop with only a couple of extra components, so please await that! it will be up here soon. (if it worked haha).