flamethrower synth

built with an arduino, some copper pipe, a solenoid and a couple of relays! and runs off lighter fluid!


i took influence from this project :-


which i initially tried for the flamethrowing organ, but that quickly got big! but this one is nice and portable. however it only holds enough gas for 10/15 seconds of solid flames. but thats more than enough for a song of it firing off for a second here and there.....

its basically a big posh lighter..you know when you fiddle with the lighter to make it make big flames.

when i was making it.... i somehow stupidly looked down the refuel nozzle and undid the tap and freezing cold pressurised lighter fluid went right at my eye.. I needed to get it looked it, it hurt like a B$%&*%£


Flamethrower module front
Flamethrower module back