Physical or imaginary :D


If you've got an old tech you wanna get rid of! please let us know, im part conserving tech and modifying it and all that crazy! just fire us over a message on the contact page :D, wether its an old computer, or a strange toy or camera. Theres always space for it in the 

"museum of everything else"

Stuff im currently after for various projects :-

-Furbies! All them Furbies!

-old Keyboards/broken synths, im aiming on doing more videos on working on old equipment and making them into something new.

-Old computers, always after old computers, dont chuck them! give em to meeeee :P.

-Strange electric components/test equipment?

who knows! anything if its annoying you, who knows i might be able to make something out of it, and i will love you forever.

Fire us over a message on the below form and lets have a chat about it!

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PO box for things right here :-


Big Life, 67 – 69 Chalton Street,




there are a handful of things i am looking for for videos! so if you wanna fire us an email let us know :D


c c c c crypto

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obviously i don't make a lot of money from this. but its something im really working towards, increasing content to teach people and entertain! with some pretty silly machines! i have a patreon but if you feel amazing enough for a little one off donation heres a button too :)... it'll go towards some sort of machine i promise!


and heres my patreon. Where the amazing people pledge me for my antics! in return for livestreams, giveaways, chatting and early and more indepth content.